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Willet is an American rock band from Westminster, Maryland formed in 2004 as "Clearview". Since its inception, the band has toured full-time to various countries in support of various relief causes, including World Vision and Food for the Hungry. They have released three studio albums, three EPs, and one DVD. Willet has sold more than 10,000 units worldwide.

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In 2004, Jeremy WilletSoloist and Justin WiletSoloist, along with bassist John FagleySoloist, guitarist Brandon BreitenbachSoloist, and drummer Matt SuchmanSoloist, formed the Christian rock band Clearview. They independently released an EP later that year, entitled '05 EP System^Link Label^Disc. Amidst various lineup changes, the band released its first full–length album Escape System^Link Label^Disc in 2005 and began to tour full time, starting with 75 US cities. Later that year, Jeremy and Justin recruited younger brother Jordan as bassist and drummer Galen "G3" BlubaughSoloist, regrouped as a four-piece, and in 2006 released The Times Are Getting Better E.P. System^Link Label^Disc, packaged with a bonus DVD. The EP's song "We're Not Keeping This Quiet achieved significant radio play in 2006, staying in the CHR top 10 for three weeks. However, Blubaugh left the band soon after the EP's release, leaving the three Willet brothers as the only permanent members, recruiting various touring drummers. Rechristened as Willet, the band released a third EP, Sometimes a City Needs a Bomb E.P. System^Link Label^Disc, in 2007. The band received increased airplay with their song "Sometimes a City Needs a Bomb E.P. System^Link Label^Disc" from the aforementioned EP, which reached the top 20 on CHR. In 2008, the band released their second album, Virus System^Link Label^Disc. Willet's first national single, "Wineskin", achieved success. Their third album, Somewhere In Between System^Link Label^Disc, was a success with singles For Orphans and the King and War and Peace. They continue to tour worldwide, concentrating on raising money for HIV/AIDS victims in Africa. They have toured with the likes of John ReubenSoloist, Decipher DownGroup, Day of FireGroup, and EleventysevenGroup.

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