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August 28, 2006
  • I live in Morton, IL
  • I am Male

You can contact me via either of these e-mail addresses. (They are images to prevent spam. Thanks.)

[will dot pittenger 1 at gmail dot com]
[will _ pittenger at comcast dot net]

Please use the Gmail address for large (over 2MB) attachements.

Sending money to either e-mail address via PayPal helps support this Wiki.

WCICSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo is a non-profit non-commercial Christian radio station out of PeoriaSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo, IllinoisSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo. They are the ONLY conventional radio station that I listen to.

What I am working on Edit

As your administrator Edit

  • System templates for stuff like listing the license for an image.

Music that I am entering or expect to enter soon Edit

My sig string Edit

Below is the string I use for signatures. To use it for yourself, as Jesussaves has already done, please turn on Raw signatures and change my user name to yours.

[[User:Will Pittenger|Will]] <small>([[User Talk:Will Pittenger|talk]] -- [[Special:Contributions/Will Pittenger|contribs]])</small>

This results in "Will (talk -- contribs) 06:04, 24 October 2006 (UTC)". The one exception is that on other pages, my name would be a link rather than bold text. The only reason the link is not there is because the link points to this page. A feature of the wiki software we use is that links pointing to the page they are on are not links.

The mission of this Wiki as I see it Edit

Paraphrasing the opening statement of Star TrekSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo a little:

Faith, the final frontier

These are the voyages of God's Church.

Her ongoing mission:

To build up new lives in Christ;
To create new communities of God;
To fill the needs of the needy;

To boldly go not just where no one has been before …

but where the angels fear to tread.

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