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   * Tobymac - Producer, vocals
   * Michael-Anthony "Mooki" Taylor - Co-Producer, keyboards, Drum Programming, additional vocals
   * Pete Stewart - Co-Producer, guitars, bass, additional vocals
   * Jeff Savage - Co-Producer, Synthesizer, B3, keyboards, bass, turntables, additional vocals
   * Joanna Valencia - Vocals on "Irene", "Do You Know", "Wonderin' Why", and "Somebody's Watching"
   * Kirk Franklin - Vocals on "J-Train"
   * Dave Wyatt - Keyboards
   * DJ Form - DJ
   * Brian Haley - drums
   * John Painter - Bass, horns, strings
   * Brian Hayes - Drums
   * Michael Ripoli - Guitar
   * Tony Lucido - Bass
   * Scott Savage - percussion
   * Otto Price - Bass
   * Micah Wilshire - Guitar
   * Barry Graul - Guitar
   * Rick "Mayday" May - Drums
   * DJ Maj - DJ
   * Jon Knox - Drums
   * Todd Collins - Keyboards, synthesizer, additional vocals
   * Glenn Galaxy - Guitar, synthesizer
   * Rafter - Guitar, synthesizer
   * Eric "Big E" Lautenbach - Keyboard Spice
   * Adrienne Liesching - Additional Vocals
   * Nirva Dorsaint - Additional Vocals
   * Chad Chapin - Additional Vocals
   * Randy Crawford - Additional Vocals
   * Jason Eskridge - Additional Vocals
   * Marcello Pennell - Additional Vocals


1.Get This Party Started
2.What's Goin' Down
4.Toby's Mac
5.J Train
6.Do You Know
10.Quiet Storm
11.Wonderin' Why
12.Somebody's Watchin'
13.Triple Skinny
14.Love Is In the House
15.Extreme Days
16.Bring Me Down
17.In the Air

TobyMac/Momentum/Track Table

  • Get This Party Started, Irene, and Extreme Days all had music videos.

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