Superchick, originally known as Superchic[k], is an American contemporary Christian band. Their music incorporates various styles such as Punk rock, rock, rap, and R&B.


Superchic[k] made its debut in 1999 at an Audio Adrenaline concert in front of an audience of 5,000. They continued to perform at live events throughout that year, self-releasing their first album in 2000. The album was re-released with three added remix tracks after they signed to Inpop Records, and became their first official album: Karaoke Superstars. Since then, their music has appeared in several movies and television shows, including the movie Legally Blonde. Their music has received favorable reviews in both Christian and mainstream publications. They are finishing the final tracks for their new studio album "Rock What You Got" due out this June 24, 2008[1] before they have to take off for the Cross The Line Tour.


Current membersEdit

  • Max Hsu (keyboards • songwriter), formerly of the CCM group Church of Rhythm.
  • Tricia Brock provides lead vocals for the band.
  • Melissa Brock (rhythm guitar • harmony vocals)
  • Matt Dally (bass guitar • rap • vocals • synthesizer)
  • Dave Ghazarian (lead guitar), also formerly of Church Of Rhythm
  • Brandon Estelle (drums), brother of Lester Estelle Jr., the drummer of Pillar

Former membersEdit

  • Brian Fitch (drums)
  • Justin Sharbono (guitar)
  • Andy Vegas (percussion)
  • Dave Clo (bass guitar • acoustic guitar) (Now with Tait)
  • Ben Dally (Drums)

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