Rich Mullins-Winds of Heaven Stuff of Earth

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Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth System^Link Label^Disc is an album by Rich MullinsSoloist. It was released in 1988 on Reunion Records.

Album InfoEdit

Reed Arvin
Executive Producers
Terry Hemmings
Jeff Moseley
Mastered By
Hank Williams, Jr
Mixed By
Brent King
Jeff Balding
Arranged By
Reed Arvin
Photography By
Glenn Hall
Design By
Buddy Jackson

Instrument CreditsEdit

Fred Carpenter
Keith Edwards
Jerry McPherson
Jon Goin
Gary Lunn
Craig Nelson
Michael W. Smith
Rafael Padilla
Reed Arvin
Reed Arvin


Lead VocalistsEdit

  • Rich Mullins

Background VocalistsEdit

  • Rich Mullins
  • Alan Arnett
  • Janis Ellen Broughton
  • Heidi Brown
  • Susan Coker
  • Scott Coupland
  • Lyn Curley
  • Jennifer Farrar
  • Allison Gordley
  • Pam Mark Hall
  • Christopher Harris
  • Paul Harris
  • Mark Heimermann
  • Kim Hill
  • Bonnie Keen
  • Wayne Kirkpatrick
  • Bryan Lenox
  • Lori Lee Loving
  • David McCracken
  • Marita Meinerts
  • Carmen Minard
  • Pam Ourada
  • Cynthia Ratliff
  • Mark Ratliff
  • Chris Rodriguez
  • Billy Simon
  • Billy Sprague
  • Melodie Tunney

Track ListingEdit

1.The Other Side of the World2:45
2.With the Wonder4:32
3.Awesome God3:05
4.If I Stand3:46
6.Such a Thing As Glory2:44
7....And I Love You3:55
8.Ready for the Storm3:45
9.One True Love4:08
10.How Can I Keep Myself from Singing3:53

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