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Rich Mullins System^Link Label^Disc is Rich MullinsSoloist' first, self-titled, solo album that was released in 1986 on Reunion Records. It was recorded at Omni Sound, Nashville, Tennessee; Hummingbird Studios, Nashville, Tennessee; and Riverstone Studios, Franklin, Tennessee.

Album infoEdit

Produced By
Reed Arvin
Executive Producers
Michael Blanton
Dan Harrell
Brown Bannister
Mastered by
Doug Sax (Masterting Lab, Hollywood, California)
Recorded At
Omni Sound, Nashville, Tennessee
Hummingbird Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Riverstone Studios, Franklin, Tennessee
Engineered By
Assistant Engineers
Spencer Chrislu
Billy Washington
Keith Penny

Instrument CreditsEdit

Keith Edwards
Dave Adams
Gary Lunn
Greg Jennings
Phil Naish
Reed Arvin


Lead VocalistsEdit

  • Rich Mullins
  • Amy Grant

Background VocalistsEdit

  • Chris Harris
  • Mark Heimermann
  • Chris Rodriguez an
  • Billy Crockett.

Track listingEdit

1.A Few Good Men3:45
2.A Place to Stand4:10
3.Live Right4:43
4.New Heart3:10
6.Nothing but a Miracle4:06
7.Both Feet on the Ground3:41
8.These Days3:41
10.Save Me2:50

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