Rebecca St. James-God

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Album creditsEdit

Produced By
Tedd T.
Executive Producers
Dan R. Brock, Eddie DeGarmo
Recorded By
Tom Laune, Tedd T., Julian Kindred, Paul Salvo at 9070 Studios, Brentwood, TN
Recording Assisted By
Peter Briggs, Greg Parker, Shane Wilson
Mixed By
Chuck Zwicky at Secret Sound, Franklin, TN., Recording Arts-Nashville, TN., Gambit Studios-Gallatin, TN., and 9070 Studios-Brentwood, TN.
Mixing Assisted By
Chuck Linder, Daryl Smith, Julian Kindred.
God Mixed By
John Hampton, Skidd Mills at Ardent Recordings, Memphis, TN
Mastered By
Ken Love at MasterMix
Photography By
Jeff Frazier
Make-up By
Geenie Freeman
Art Direction
Tom Davis at East West Design


Dan Needham
Bass/Electric Guitar/Percussion
Brent Milligan
Bass/Electric Guitar
Otto Price
Steel and Electric Guitars
Vince Emmett
Acoustic Guitars
David Cleveland
Fender Rhodes/Piano/Bass/Harmonica/Percussion/Programming
Tedd T.
Irish Flute/Didjeridoo/Illian Pipes
Hunter Lee
String Arrangements/Accordion/Mellotron
Carl Marsh
Additional Guitars on You're The Voice
Chuck Zwicky
Additional Background Vocals On Go And Sin No More
Micah and Lori Whilshire, Paul Q-Pek, Tina Keil
Guest MC On Carry Me High
Josh Smallbone
Arrangements By
Tedd T., Rebecca St. James
All Vocals Performed By
Rebecca St. James


2.You're The Voice
3.You Then Me
4.Speak To Me
5.Abba (Father)
6.Me Without You
7.That's What Matters
8.Carry Me High
9.A Cold Heart Turns
10.Go And Sin No More
10 (hidden at the end of track 10).Psalm 139

Rebecca St. James/God/Track Table

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