Kathy Triccoli-The Heart of Me

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Quote From the Artist's Website About This Album Edit


Singer, songwriter, author, and speaker, Kathy has emerged over the years as a multi-talented entertainer, communicator and encourager to Christians around the world. She is an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of women every year through various women's events. She is in great demand as both a speaker and singer at conferences around the world as she continues to share one message... “Jesus Christ is our hope and our life.”

The theme of “hope” is a constant throughout her thirteenth album for Reunion Records, The Heart of MeSystem^Link Label^Disc. Paired once again with award-winning producer and songwriter, Nathan DiGesare (Corner of EdenGroup), Kathy continues to demonstrate her ability to wrap deep content in wonderful melodies that carry God's message of hope straight to the heart.

With DiGesare's well-developed pop sensibilities, the overall musical direction of this new album leans more adult contemporary than the inspirational feel of Love has a NameSystem^Link Label^Disc. The result is like a breath of fresh air as Kathy shows once again why she is still one of Christian music's most popular artists.

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Tracks Edit

1.Take Me Higher
2.You’re the Heart of Me
3.All for the Life of Me
4.Ever Since the Day
5.Love has Come
6.A Love That Won’t Walk Away
7.Heaven Knows
8.He Will Shelter You
9.Just Like You
10.You’re Still God

Kathy Triccoli/The Heart of Me/Track Table

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