Kathy Triccoli-Love has a Name

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Quote From the Artist's Website About This Album Edit

“This album is just fun! Its full of upbeat songs and light melodies,” says Kathy of Love has a Name System^Link Label^Disc, “It was one of the easiest albums I've ever done. The music just seemed to flow out of me.”

From the cheerful march Parade to the Latin-flavored proclamation of faith, God Said It, Love has a Name System^Link Label^Disc showcases Kathy's vocal skill and ability to conquer most any style of music. Seeking to float her trademark reflective lyrics on bright, pop melodies, the album called in three of today's top producers in both the Christian and general market: Chris Harris (AvalonGroup), Mark Baldwin (Bryan DuncanSoloist), and Tony McAnany (Bernadette PetersSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo).

One highlight of the album is a compelling cover of Foreigner'sSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 1988 #1 single “I Want to Know What Love IsSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo”.

“The more I thought about it, the more I realized how well it really fit with the album,” says Kathy, “I am so fortunate that as a Christian, I do know what love is. We have a tendency to forget that many people spend everyday of their life asking that question, and seeking out meaning. I wanted to answer that question, ‘I want to know what love is’ and I did in the album title cut, Love has a Name. Love does have a name -- and it's Jesus.“
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Credits Edit

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Tracks Edit

2.All is Well
3.On My Way to You
4.Live for the Lord
5.Break My Heart
6.God Said It
7.Hold Me While I Sleep
8.Count on Me
9.I Want to Know What Love Is
10.Love has a Name

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