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Even though the quote below states that this album is Triccoli's first "Greatest Hits" album, that does not appear to be true. Portfolio System^Link Label^Disc appears to be an early "Greatest Hits" album.

Quote From the Artist's Website About This Album Edit


Kathy offers a Greatest Hits album for the first time in her 21-year career. Greatest HitsSystem^Link Label^Disc released on July 1, 2003.

Greatest Hits featured eleven No. 1 songs plus brand new versions of the Troccoli classics Kathy Triccoli/Greatest Hits/Stubborn Love♫ (from Stubborn LoveSystem^Link Label^Disc) and Kathy Triccoli/Greatest Hits/Holy, Holy♫ (from Heart and SoulSystem^Link Label^Disc), produced by Brown Bannister (Amy GrantSoloist and Steven Curtis ChapmanSoloist) the original producer of both songs.

Troccoli notes, “It was so fun to walk down memory lane with Brown and reminisce about recording these songs 20 years ago. All the original elements of the songs that made us say, ‘What were we thinking?’ now have new life and new arrangements. It has made this greatest hits record very special for me.”

With 13 albums, 17 career No. 1 songs, 3 GRAMMY nominations and 19 Dove Nominations, multiple-best selling books and a hugely popular live women’s event touring the nations, few artists have made the impact of Kathy Troccoli.

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Credits Edit

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Tracks Edit

1.Holy, Holy
2.Go Light Your World
3.Sounds of Heaven
4.You’re the Heart of Me
5.Stubborn Love
6.Psalm 23
7.Help Myself to You
8.Everything Changes
9.Different Road
10.Mission of Love
11.I Will Choose Christ
12.Love has a Name
13.I Call Him Love
14.My Life is in Your Hands

Kathy Triccoli/Greatest Hits/Track Table

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