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Quote From the Artist's Website About This Album Edit

Source:  Kathy TriccoliSoloist

I’ve always believed that music transcends almost every other avenue for reaching our deepest emotions. Couple that music with a few reminders from God and it becomes supernatural. I travel all over the world and I find the same thing in each location – people who are just like me, looking for hints of peace and calm in this crazy world. That’s the purpose of this recording. All of the songs have been chosen for a specific reason to bring you comfort. I pray it does just that.

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Tracks Edit

1.That's How Much I Love You
3.You've Got a Friend
4.In the Shelter of Your Wings
5.Help Me, God
6.I Believe in You, Lord
7.Water Into Wine
8.Goodbye for Now
9.How Would I Know
10.Your Grace
11.When I Look at You
12.You're Still Here

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