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John Reuben is a Christian rapper.


John Reuben (full name John Reuben Zappin) has contributed to ChristianSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo and secularSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo albums alike, and has been frequently releasing albums as of 2000, as has fellow Christian rap artist KJ-52Group and the group Ill HarmonicsGroup. Much like KJ, as well as Ill HarmonicsGroup, PlaydoughGroup and other names in the world of gospel rap, John Reuben uses a rap flow similar to mainstream artists, but has a slower pace and gives the lyrics more focus. As some may find the album title Professional Rapper to suggest, his lyrics are arguably the most refined of all Christian hip hop to date, generally excluding all but one slice of urban slang (the laughter, often used to retain an appealing flow), although Reuben often uses less sophisticated dialogue while appearing on a "street" rapper's album, his appearance on Black Sheep inspired "The Choice is Yours," available on KJ-52 Presents Collaborations.

Zappin is a good friend of TobyMacGroup's, who executive produced his 2005 album The Boy vs. The Cynic System^Link Label^Disc and provided vocals for Are We There Yet's final track, "God is Love". Also appearing in John Reuben's songs are Matt ThiessenSoloist of the band Relient KGroup, OthelloSoloist and Adrienne CampSoloist of the now dissolved The Benjamin GateGroup. In addition to John Reuben's surprisingly sophisticated style in lyrics, most every song of his (not counting the duets) takes advantage of "traditional" musical instruments, typically the guitar, though John Reuben experiments with many different instruments and musical styles.

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John Reuben was also mentioned in TobyMacSoloist's song "Gotta Go", of Welcome to Diverse City System^Link Label^Disc. In it Toby's fan CupidSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo holds a conversation with him via telephone and finds that the rapper is "hanging with John Reuben". In response, Cupid asks TobyMac to tell him that he says hey, which leads the fan to mention a demo he sent him, of which TobyMac was not intent on listening to.

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