General Information on the volume 2 System^Link Label^Volume from the box set Songs for Worship System^Link Label^Box by John Michael TalbotSoloist
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Released in: 1982

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Note: This volume, unlike the parent box set, has no web page at the artist's site. Until the artist provides one, please don't set the Website parameter for the info box. Also, the only cover image available when this page was created was for the parent box set. That image is specific to the Volumes 1 & 2 when sold together. It shouldn't be used for this volume as Volume 2 was probably sold separately. Thanks.

Tracks on this volume Edit

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We don't know which of the box set's tracks were on this volume as opposed to Volume 1 System^Link Label^Volume. For this reason, please don't create the track pages until that information is known. If you have it, please create the pages after correcting the table below, the same table in Volume 1 System^Link Label^Volume, and listing where you got that information in both talk pages. Thanks.
1.Lord, Every Nation on Earth Shall Adore You 
2.Jesus Prayer 
3.Lord Have Mercy 
4.Glory to God 
5.Holy, Holy, Holy 
6.The Spirit of the Lord 
7.Father, I Put My Life in Your Hands 
8.Lamb of God 
9.I am the Resurrection 
10.Let Us Sing to the Lord 
This box set is Songs for Worship System^Link Label^Box by John Michael TalbotSoloist
Volumes: 1 System^Link Label^Volume2 System^Link Label^Volume

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