Jennifer Knapp-Wishing Well

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Here is a link to the story of Jennifer's rise and the history of her first 2 releases.

Some tracks are reported to be different versions of songs released in Kansas System^Link Label^Disc. You may also have to buy this album from someplace like eBay. [1]

Credits Edit

 Produced by Byron J. Funk + co-produced by Jennifer Knapp

+ engineered by frank & yoko

tracks 1-6 recorded Aug-Dec 1995 at the digital ranch, Pittsburg, KS; funkhouse, Scammon, KS; Freeze-n-Time, Olathe, KS

mixed by frank & yoko, assisted by Barry Dean at the digital ranch

tracks 7-11 previously released as circle back, recorded Dec. 1994 at funkhouse; Freeze-n-Time

mixed by Phil Ward & frank, at Woodland Studios, Pittsburg, KS

 CD jacket designed at the digital ranch by:

Kurt Klein-art design & production

Max Good-photography

Mat Casner-production coordinator

David Wicks-master of ceremonies.

Jennifer Kanpp-guitars, lead & background vocals

Byron J. Funk-bass, vocals, programming

Russ Friesen-keyboards, vocals

Roger Scantlin-sax

Dr. Carol ann Martin-cello

choir-Shannon Beckham, Rebecca Blakley, Barry Dean, Louise Glen, Brian Hargrave, Lori Scantlin, Jeff Spangler, Haley Thomas, Jeanette Thomas.

Special thanks to:

the Hudson House women, past & present

George Powers & the shepherds at SBBC

Sheldon Kallevig & the worshippers at New Earth

the Campus Ministries of PSU

my hero, Mo

Byron, Deana and Gracie, for your faith in the unseen

Susan Carson, Loretta George, Carson Richert, Russ Friesen, Barry and the digital ranch, Kim Bontrager, Mike Turnbull, the Thompson's & Funk's, Shannon Beckham

all the guest artists who shared their gifts on this project.

I praise God for the Christ that has been passionately displayed in you all. Earthly words pale in comparison to the deserved glory that awaits you. Still...thank you. Your sister in Christ, Jen.

Tracks Edit

1.He's My Lord
2.Refine Me
4.Faithful to Me
5.His Grace is Sufficient
7.Jesus Knows
8.Nothing is Impossible
9.Lead Me True
10.Jesus Loves Me

Jennifer Knapp/Wishing Well/Track Table

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