Upbeats and Beatdowns is the first full-length album of the band Five Iron Frenzy. It was released April 8, 1997 on Five Minute Walk.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Old West"
  2. "Where The Zero Meets The Fifteen"
  3. "Cool Enough For You"
  4. "Anthem"
  5. "Faking Life"
  6. "Shut Up"
  7. "Arnold And Willis And Mr. Drummond"
  8. "I Feel Lucky"
  9. "Milestone"
  10. "Beautiful America"
  11. "Combat Chuck"
  12. "Amalgamate"
  13. "Everywhere I Go" (Amy Grant cover)
  14. "A Flowery Song"
  15. "Third World Think Tank"
    • The hidden track is called "Combat Chuck's Call" and features outtakes from the session.