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Credits Edit

Written By
Jeromy Deibler, Scott Williamson, and Donna Smith

Additional Instruments & Vocals Edit

Instruments Edit

Electric Guitar
Lincoln Brewster
Acoustic Guitar
Greg Hagan
Byron Hagan
Jason Trimble & Scott Williamson
Scott Williamson
Keyboard Programming
Scott Williamson
Scott Williamson
Strings Edit
Performed By
Nashville String Machine
Carl Gorodetzky
Strings Arranged By
Scott Williamson

The Choir Edit

  • Craig Adams
  • Julie Balcom
  • Dorinda Biggs
  • Ryan Brewer
  • Ariana Bryant
  • Lesley Caraway
  • Marvin Copaus
  • Angela Garrison
  • Kacy Holman
  • Pamela Kelly
  • Marissa Murphy
  • Dean Newkirk
  • Shanda Perkins
  • Kim Shrum
  • Vickie Willis
Choir Arranged & Conducted By
Craig Adams

Copyright Information Edit

©2004 by

New Spring Publishing, Inc.

Statement by the Author Edit

Source:  Jeromy Deibler

This is really our theme right now. After all the years we’ve been together and everything we’ve been through, this is still what it’s all about. My aunt Donna wrote a lyric for a song called It’s Still the Cross and gave it to me two years ago. I wrote the rest of the song and played it for the band, but it didn’t really fit for us at the time. Later, when we were looking for a really strong Christian anthem, Scott Williamson and I began working again on this song and completely rewrote it all, but kept the title. As we began to pull songs for this album, we played this one and people really gravitated towards it. I think if there’s a statement we want to make right now, it’s this one… about Jesus.

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This album is Still the Cross System^Link Label^Disc by FFHGroup
Current song: Still the Cross (Track 4)
Previous Song: Without You (Track 3)--Next Song: You and Only You (Track 5)

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