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Credits Edit

Written By
Michael Boggs, Tony Wood, and Jonathan Crumpton

Additional Instruments Edit

Electric Guitar
Dale Oliver
Acoustic Guitar
Dale Oliver
Dale Oliver
Blair Masters
Blair Masters
Blair Masters
Jeff Roach

Copyright Information Edit

©2004 by

New Spring Publishing, Inc.

Statement by the Author Edit

Attribution:  Michael Boggs

I co-wrote this song with Tony Wood and Jonathan Crumpton, but it’s probably one of the fastest songs I’ve ever written. I wrote the music in about 10 minutes or so. Tony is one of those guys who write lyrics that are so easy to fit to melodies. I think he handed me the lyrics and stepped out to get a cup of coffee. By the time he got back with his coffee I had the music done. The song takes snapshots of those moments when everything is going wrong, or you’re having a bad day, but it hits you that even in the midst of it all, God is with you.

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This album is Still the Cross System^Link Label^Disc by FFHGroup
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