FFH-Still the Cross

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Credits Edit

Executive Producers
Bob Wohler & Jeromy Deibler
Band Tracks Recorded By
Todd Robbins
Scott Williamson
Randy Poole
Vocals & Overdubs Recorded By
Scott Williamson
Strings Recorded By
Brent King
Additional Recording By
Lincoln Brewster
Dark Horse Recording in Franklin, TN
The Carpal Tunnel in Franklin, TN
The Sound Kitchen in Franklin, TN
Classic Recording in Franklin, TN
Omni Sound in Nashville, TN
Linc's Crib in Roseville, CA
Assistant Engineers
Phillip Cooper
Chris Henning
Michael Modesto
Kevin Pickle
Eric Tonkin
Garrett Williamson (age 6)
Mastered By
John Mayfield at Mayfield Mastering in Nashville, TN

Art Edit

Andrew Southham
David Kaufman
Hair & Makeup
Robin Geary & Brady Wardlaw
Cross Photography
Tim Parker & Ron Roark
Design By
Tim Parker
A&R Production
Michelle Pearson

Members of FFH Edit

Tracks Edit

1.You Drive I'll Ride
2.You Love Me Anyway
3.Without You
4.Still the Cross
5.You and Only You
6.The Long Haul
7.In This Moment
8.Cover Me
9.All Part of the Walk
10.Another Day With You

FFH/Still the Cross/Track Table

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