FFH-I Want to be Like You

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The print on this album is too light to list who played which instrument and similar credits.

Members Edit

Credits Edit

Produced By
Scott Williamson
Executive Producers
Robert Beeson & Bob Wohler
Band Tracks Recorded By
Salvo at The Bennett House in Franklin, TN
Sixteenth Avenue Sound in Nashville, TN
Breathe in Me Recorded By
Randy Poole
Vocals & Overdubs Recorded By
Scott Williamson & Randy Poole at The Sound Kitchen in Franlkin, TN and at Quad Studios in Nashville, TN
Mixed At
Recording Arts in Nashville, TN
The Sound Kitchen in Franklin, TN
Assistant Engineers
Shawn McLean
Adam Hatley
Greg Parker
Reid Skippen
Digitally Edited By
John Mayfield at Mayfield Mastering in Nashville, TN
Mastered By
Hank Williams at MasterMix in Nashville, TN

Cover Design Edit

Photography By
Matt Barnes
Design By
Axis Media & Michelle Kapp

Tracks Edit

1.One of These Days4:25
2.Take Me as I Am2:54
3.Fall to You4:09
4.I Want to be Like You3:53
5.I'm Alright4:14
6.Big Fish3:32
7.Wholly to You3:58
8.So is His Love3:44
9.Only You3:50
10.Breathe in Me3:58
11.Little Change4:49
12.Power in His Blood4:06

FFH/I Want to be Like You/Track Table

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