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Statement From the Author Edit

Source:  Believed to be Jeromy Deibler

I wrote this song while on a visit to PA last summer. I was sitting on my mom’s back porch just strumming the chords and the melody just sort of came out. Jennifer and my mom were in the yard and overheard me singing. When we came inside they were humming the melody. I finished it a few weeks later and played it for Brian and Mike. They loved it so we decided to put it on the record. When it came time to record some one suggested that we do something a little different and use a piano as the main instrument instead of the acoustic guitar that we normally use. We liked the way it turned out so much that we decided to make it our first single.

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This album is Have I Ever Told You System^Link Label^Disc by FFHGroup
Current song: Watching Over Me (Track 1)
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