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This album was entirely recorded at concerts in one or more locations. There are no studio tracks on the disc. It is likely that the album is less than one complete concert.

Credits Edit

Produced By
Eddie DeGarmo & Dana Key
Produced For
The Forefront Communications Group
Executive Producers
Dan R. Brock & Ron W. Griffin
Remote Recording By
GHL Audio Engineering
Engineered By
Gary Hadden
Assistant Engineer
Jim Kaiser
Mixed By
Greg Morrow, Eddie DeGarmo, and Dana Key at Crosstown Recorders in Memphis, TN
Assistant Engineer for Mix
James Craft
Digitally Mastered By
Hank Williams at Master-Mix in Nashville, TN
Paul Wharton
Katherine DeVault Design
Art Coordination
Connie Sneed

Live Album Crew Edit

Production Manager
Stan Letarte
House Sound Engineer
Chris Taylor
Monitor Engineer
Thad Edwards
Sound Techinicians
Mark Ramsey & David Shirley
Keyboard & Guitar Tech
Ray Gaston
Drum Tech
David Baughn

DeGarmo & Key Live Concerts Crew Edit

Production Manager
Mark Ramsey
Stage Tech
Ray Gaston
Lighting Director
Dan Harlow

DeGarmo & Key Tour Transporation Edit

Bus Driver
Gary Jines
Truck Driver
Jim DeZwarte

Musician Credits Edit

Instruments Edit

Lead Guitar
Dana Key
Eddie DeGarmo
Tommy Cathey
Greg Morrow
Greg Morrow
Additional Guitars
Steve Taylor

Vocals Edit

Lead Vocals
Dana Key
2nd Lead Vocal in Rock Solid
Eddie DeGarmo
Background Vocals
Eddie DeGarmo
Tommy Cathey
Steve Taylor
== Tracks ==
1.Casual Christian
2.Rock Solid
3.Ready or Not
4.Soldier of Fortune
5.Six, Six, Six
6.Don't Stop the Music
7.Holy Hustle
8.When the Son Begins to Reign
9.Are You Ready
11.Let the Whole World Sing
12.Alleluia, Christ is Coming
13.Destined to Win
14.Rock Solid (Reprise)

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