Clay Crosse-Stained Glass

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Album Information Edit

Produced By
Mark Heimermann for Fun Attic Productions
Regie Hamm for One G Productions
Engineered By
Tom Laune
Joe Baldridge
Todd Robbins
Keith Compton
Bill Deaton
Assisted By
Robert "Void" Caprio, Shawn McLean, and Joe Costa
Tracks Assisted By
Greg Parker
Mixed By
Joe Baldridge
Assisted By
Joe Costa
Production Manager
PJ Heimermann
Assisted By
Dion Velasquez
Mastered By
Hank Williams at MasterMix in Nashville, TN
Tracked At
Bennett House, October Studio
Recorded at Fun Attic Studio and Omni Sound
Mixed At
Sixteenth Avenue Sound
Production Coordinator for Regie Hamm
Holly Krig-Smith
Photography By
Ben Pearson
Art Direction and Design By
Diana Lussenden
Styling By
Ruth Johnson

Tracks Edit

1.It Must have been Your Hands4:02
2.Somethin's Missin'3:47
3.He Walked a Mile4:47
4.Saving the World4:22
5.Stained Glass Window4:03
6.Sold Out Believer4:23
7.Consider the Choices4:07
8.He Ain't Heavy5:29
9.Love One Another Right3:57
11.When All That's Left is to Believe4:05

Clay Crosse/Stained Glass/Track Table

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