In general, we don't bother with requiring citations like Wikipedia does. However, if you are an artist editing your own page, we do need you to follow some rules. This is mainly to prevent artists from embellishing their artist, album, and song pages with junk.

What you can do and should do

  • Create your own artist page
  • Create your own album pages
  • Create your own song pages
  • List credits
  • List homepages
  • Upload album cover images
  • Upload promotional images (as many as you want)
  • Give your homepage and related pages
  • Link your artist page (and sub-pages) to the corresponding Wikipedia page (note: get someone else to add the reverse link or you will get in trouble at Wikipedia)

What you should not do yourself

  • Comment on the page (use the talk page)
  • Post reviews without a link to the review
  • Describe yourself (use the talk page to provide material)
  • List what others say about you

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