To upload photos and logos, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign in. You can't upload anonymously.
  2. Under Toolbox in the sidebar on the left of any page, click Upload File
  3. Browse the file name. It must be on your machine. If the file is already online, click Browse and enter the URL there. Most browsers will then download the file to the cache and enter the file name into the source box.
  4. Use the following naming conventions:
    • For artists publicity photos, simply name the image after the artist or group.
    • For albums cover images, name the file "Artist Name-Album Name.jpg" where "Artist Name" is the name of the artist and "Album Name" is the name of the album. So, Image:Amy_Grant-Lead_Me_On.jpg is the name of the cover image for Lead Me On System^Link Label^Disc. You should use underscores in the name rather than spaces when uploading. This is not a problem when linking to the image.
    • For logos, name the image after the organization the image represents. However, please end the name with "-logo" (before the file extension).
  5. In the summary box, enter where you found the image.
  6. In the Licensing combo box, choose a license:
    • For publicity photos, choose a promotional option.
    • For album covers, choose Album Cover
    • For Logos, choose Logo

Other requests Edit

  • Please keep all images under .5 megs. If your source is larger, please attempt to compress it further (as long as you can avoid introducing JPEG artifacts), crop the image, or shrink the visual size. (The Wiki will rarely show images as larger than thumbnails.)
  • Please also avoid GIF files for logos. Please convert them to PNG or SVG. If you have a GIF that is a photo, please use PNG instead.
  • Please use the summary box to describe the changes you made to the original and why those changes were required.

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