A Q&A with Chad GrahamEdit


Fort Myers, FL


None I can recall...

Describe yourself in 5 words or less:


Favorite Bible passage/verse:

Romans 8:31

Childhood Hero?

Justin Timberlake (musically)

What best advise from Mom or Dad that is still with you today?

Not necessarily advice, but my parents have been faithful no matter their circumstances in life. It's something I will always remember.

What do you know now that you wish you knew 5 years ago?

That God can give and He can take away

Who do you consider to be your greatest musical infulances?

Justin Timberlake

Whow did you imitate singing as a kid?

Wait for it.... Justin Timberlake : )

What srtist(s) do you hape to colaborate wth someday?


What is the most embarrassing song you have on your iPod


What is the first album you rember buying?

A 4HIM record

What is one of your all-time favorite TV shows and why?

Friends. Just laugh hysterically every episode. I wish I could be a part of that gang : )

Favorite movies?

Hmmm my top 5: Gladiator, The Patriot, Oceans Eleven, The Dark Knight and Dumb and Dumber

Favorite sports teams?

FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES!!! May be the most diehard Seminole fan ever...also the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Miami Heat!

Beverage of choice?

Pepsi. I'm a coke aholic...I have a problem and need help...

Favorite breakfast cereal

Easy. Cocoa Pebbles.

Favorite late night snack

Cocoa Pebbles. : )

Who do you recomend people folow on twiter (besides yourself)?

Conan O'Brien

If you weren't with Anthem Lights what might you be doing:

I'd be a race car driver. Or racing dirt bikes. Or something with an engine. 

Strenghts besides sining or unusual talent:

I'm very, very good at NCAA football games...pretty much the only game I ever play. Anyone want to bring it...let's go

What is a little-known or fun fact about some one else in Anthem Lights that people should know?

If you're ever on a road trip with Alan or just bored with Alan, he will want to play the movie game. A game he made up. But please don't ask him about it. He will want to play it. I HATE THAT GAME!

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