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Comments by Casting CrownsGroup about this song Edit

Source:  The album insert for The Altar and the Door System^Link Label^DiscAttribution:  Casting CrownsGroup

This song was inspired by the spreading cancer of moral failure in the fathers of this generation. As believers, we must guard our hearts and understand that no one crashes and burns. They just slowly fade away one little compromise at a time.

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Related Scripture Edit

PsalmsSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 1System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, 1 CorinthiansSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 10:12–13System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, JamesSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 4:7–10System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, ProverbsSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 4:23–27System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, 1 JohnSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 2:12–15System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, JamesSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 1:12–15System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, IsaiahSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 59:2System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, MatthewSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 13:16–23System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, 1 JohnSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 2:3–6System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, RomansSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 12:1–3System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, 1 CorinthiansSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 15:57–58System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup

Credits Edit

Music By:

Mark HallSoloist

Lyrics By:

Mark HallSoloist

Produced By:

See the album for this field's value

Executive Producer(s):

See the album for this field's value

Mixed By:

See the album for this field's value

Recorded By:

See the album for this field's value

Instruments Edit

Acoustic GuitarSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Juan DevevoSoloist

Electric GuitarSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Juan DevevoSoloist
Hector CervantesSoloist

ViolinSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Melodee DevevoSoloist
DrumsSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Andy WilliamSoloist

Bass GuitarSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Chris HuffmanSoloist

Acoustic PianoSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Megan GarrettSoloist
(AKA "Keyboards"):
Megan GarrettSoloist

Vocals Edit

Lead Vocals: Mark HallSoloist
Reagan HallSoloist

Background Vocals: Melodee DevevoSoloist
Mark HallSoloist
Megan GarrettSoloist

Copyright Information Edit

©2007 by:
My Refuge Music
Club Zoo Music
SWECS Music; Administered by BMISystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo and EMI CMG Publishing

This album is The Altar and the Door System^Link Label^Disc by Casting CrownsGroup
Current song: Slow Fade (Track 3)
Previous Song: Every Man (Track 2)--Next Song: East to West (Track 4)

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