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Comments by Casting CrownsGroup about this song Edit

Source:  The album insert for The Altar and the Door System^Link Label^DiscAttribution:  Mark HallSoloist

We had been singing this song in worship at our church long before we decided to record it. Steve is an amazing worship leader and has a new record out now.

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Related Scripture Edit

RomansSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 5System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, ColossiansSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 1:15–23System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, EphesiansSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 2:10System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, GalatiansSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 2:20System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, RomansSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 6:6System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, RomansSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 6:10–11System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, GalatiansSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 6:14System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, EphesiansSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 3:14–19System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, RomansSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 14:7–8System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup, LukeSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo 4:16–21System^Link Label^Scripture Lookup

Credits Edit

Music By:

Steve FeeSoloist

Lyrics By:

Steve FeeSoloist

Produced By:

See the album for this field's value

Executive Producer(s):

See the album for this field's value

Mixed By:

See the album for this field's value

Recorded By:

See the album for this field's value

Instruments Edit

Acoustic GuitarSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Juan DevevoSoloist

Electric GuitarSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Juan DevevoSoloist
Hector CervantesSoloist

ViolinSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Melodee DevevoSoloist
DrumsSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Andy WilliamSoloist

Bass GuitarSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Chris HuffmanSoloist

Acoustic PianoSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Megan GarrettSoloist
(AKA "Keyboards"):
Megan GarrettSoloist

Vocals Edit

Lead Vocals: Mark HallSoloist

Background Vocals: Melodee DevevoSoloist
Mark HallSoloist
Megan GarrettSoloist

Copyright Information Edit

©2006 by:
LeviBear; Administered by BMISystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo and Feeble Productions

This album is The Altar and the Door System^Link Label^Disc by Casting CrownsGroup
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