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This album is the first album released by this artist or group. As such, it is called a Debut AlbumSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo.

Album Information Edit

Produced By
Steven Curtis Chapman
Mark A. Miller
Executive Producer
Terry Hemmings
Russ Harrington
Album Styling
Stephanie McBrayer
Hair & Make-up
Lorrie Turk
Art Direction
Stephanie McBrayer & Tim Parker
Graphic Design
Tim Parker

Members as of This Album Edit

Tracks Edit

1.What if His People Prayed
2.If We are the Body
3.Voice of Truth
4.Who am I
5.American Dream
6.Here I Go Again
7.Praise You With the Dance
9.Life of Praise
10.Your Love Is Extravagant

DVD Contents (included with the DualDiscSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo version) Edit

  • Entire Album in 5.1 Surround Sound and PCM Stereo (no video)
  • Behind the Scenes Interviews
  • American Dream music video (no other music videos provided)
  • Live Concert Footage of Who am I
  • The Stories Behind Lifesong (which was already in production when the DualDisc version was made)

DualDisc LogoDualDisc Warning!
At least some copies of the CD version of this album are in DualDiscSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo format. This means that some CD players, and even some DVD players, may not be able to read the CD side of the disc.

It is recommended that you find a player that can read the CD side of the disc and rip it. Then burn a new copy. You then store the original in case something bad happens to the copy. You then play only the copy.

However, NEVER ever attempt to sell the original unless you also sell the same person all of you copies. If you attempt to keep any originals, you could open yourself up to a very expensive lawsuit.

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