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Note E-mailed to the Wiki Management Edit

The official spelling is Caedmon's Call. We just decided to use that font on that one project.
Christie Bragg of Bragg Management

Album Information Edit

Produced & Engineered By
Don McCollister
Executive Producer
Wayne Watson
Recorded & Mixed At
Nickel And Dime Studios in Avondale Estates, GA
Assistant Engineers
Louis Lovely & Brandon Bush
Mastered At
Masterdisk in New Your, NY
Mastered By
Scott Hull
Additional Editing By
Glenn Matullo at Orphan Studios in Avondale Estates, GA

Caedmon's Call is Edit

Derek Webb
Vocals & Guitars
Cliff Young
Vocals & Guitar
Danielle Glenn
Todd Bragg
Aric Nitzberg
Bass & Upright Bass
Garett Buell

Others that help Cædmon's Call Edit

Aaron Tate
Co-Founder and Mentor
Kirby Trapolino
Micah Ottosen
Road Management
Keith Rodger & Buddy Ottosen
Guitar Techs
Randy Holsapple
Hammond Organ
Buddy Ottosen
Equipment Manager
Mike Smith
Bus Driver

Tracks Edit

1.Lead of Love
2.Close of Autumn
3.Not the Land
4.This World
5.Bus Driver
6.Standing Up For Nothing
7.Hope to Carry On
8.Stupid Kid
9.I Just Don't Want Coffee
10.Not Enough
11.Center Aisle
12.Coming Home

Caedmon's Call/Cædmon's Call/Track Table

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