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Album Information Edit

Executive Producers
Ken Pennell & Bill Baumgart
Engineered & Mixed By
Tom Laune
Additional Engineering
Todd Robbins
Lynn Fuston
Craig Hansen
Steve Bishir
Assistant Engineers (Mix)
Shane Wilson
Assistant Engineers (Tracking)
Aaron Swilhart
Shawn McLean
Assistant Engineers (Overdubs)
Wayne Mehl
Mixed At
The Battery in Nashville, TN
Tracks Recorded At
Omni Studios in Nashville, TN
The Bennet House in Franklin, TN
Overdubs Recorded At
The Bean Stalk
Sky Lab
Quad and The Dugout and Gordon's Grassy Knoll

Guest Appearances Edit

Artist NameArtist appears courtesy of the label
Ashley ClevelandSoloistReunion
Kelly WillardSoloistWilling Heart Music
Christine DenteSoloist of SGroupSparrow
Kourtney KirkpatrickSoloistHer Dad

Tracks Edit

1.Press On
2.Whatever Happened to Love
3.A Way Back
4.Mona Lisa Said
5.The Blessing (of the Fleet)
6.The Sacred Journey
7.When Nothing's Sacred
8.I Saw a Blind Man
9.Kumquat May
10.Mona Lisa's Encore

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