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Credits Edit

Music By:


Lyrics By:


Produced By:

See the album for this field's value

Executive Producer(s):

See the album for this field's value

Mixed By:

Joe Baldridge at Garage Rock Studios in FranklinSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo, TNSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo

Recorded By:


No more detail is provided on who wrote the songs on this album by the album's insert. It is assumed the band members share the credit equally.

Instruments Edit

Electric GuitarSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Rebecca BarlowSoloist
Rob HawkinsSoloist

Acoustic GuitarSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Rob HawkinsSoloist

Bass GuitarSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Alyssa BarlowSoloist
(AKA "Keyboards"):
Alyssa BarlowSoloist

DrumsSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Lauren BarlowSoloist

String Arrangements: David DasSoloist
Programming: David DasSoloist

Woodwind InstrumentsSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: John PainterSoloist

HornsSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: John PainterSoloist

Other unlabeled credits Edit

Vocals Edit

Lead Vocals: Lauren BarlowSoloist

Background Vocals: Alyssa BarlowSoloist
Rebecca BarlowSoloist
Lauren BarlowSoloist
Sabrina BarlowSoloist

Choir (New Song Ensemble from the New Song Christian Fellowship):
Directed by:
Jeff Buchanan & Cindy Wagner
Julie Carter
Janine Jones
Liz George
Amy Miller
Sarah Tweet
Marisha Wagner
Cindy Wagner
Adam Bastien
Brian Robison,
Todd Fertig
Kyle Cooper
Matthew Seckman
Dustin Whitney

Copyright Information Edit

©2007 by:
Word MusicSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo
Barlow Family Music; Administered by Word MusicSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo
ASCAPSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo

This album is How Can We be Silent System^Link Label^Disc by BarlowGirlGroup
Current song: Million Voices (Track 5)
Previous Song: Keep Quiet (Track 4)--Next Song: Sweet Revenge (Track 6)

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