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Credits Edit

Music By:


Lyrics By:


Produced By:

See the album for this field's value

Executive Producer(s):

See the album for this field's value

Mixed By:

Joe Baldridge at Garage Rock Studios in FranklinSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo, TNSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo

Recorded By:


No more detail is provided on who wrote the songs on this album by the album's insert. It is assumed the band members share the credit equally.

Instruments Edit

Electric GuitarSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Rebecca BarlowSoloist
Rob HawkinsSoloist

Acoustic GuitarSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Rob HawkinsSoloist

Bass GuitarSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Alyssa BarlowSoloist
(AKA "Keyboards"):
Alyssa BarlowSoloist

DrumsSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: Lauren BarlowSoloist

String Arrangements: David DasSoloist
Programming: David DasSoloist

Woodwind InstrumentsSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: John PainterSoloist

HornsSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo: John PainterSoloist

Other unlabeled credits Edit

Vocals Edit

Lead Vocals: Alyssa BarlowSoloist

Background Vocals: Alyssa BarlowSoloist
Rebecca BarlowSoloist
Lauren BarlowSoloist

Copyright Information Edit

©2007 by:
Word MusicSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo
Barlow Family Music; Administered by Word MusicSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo
ASCAPSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo

This album is How Can We be Silent System^Link Label^Disc by BarlowGirlGroup
Current song: Here's My Life (Track 3)
Previous Song: I Believe in Love (Track 2)--Next Song: Keep Quiet (Track 4)

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