BarlowGirl-How Can We be Silent

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Members Edit

Credits Edit

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Recording Location Unknown
Produced By:

Otto Price for Twelve-18 Entertainment

Executive Producer:

Susan Riley
Otto Price

Mixed By:

This field's value changes for each song on the album

Recorded By:

Otto Price
Erian Calhoon
Fred Paragano
Travis Palmer
Paragon Studios in FranklinSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo, TNSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo
The Sound Lab in BrentwoodSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo, TNSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo

Recorded At:


Mixed At:

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Mastered By:

Richard Dodd at in NashvilleSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo, TNSystem^Link Label^Wikipedia Logo

Creative Director:


Art Direction & Design:

Katherine Petillo
Alexis Goodman at The Visual Republic


Jeremy Cowart
Sarah Barlow

Digital Editing By:

Ainsley Grasser
John DeNosky
Tony High
Brandon Womack
Otto Price

Copyright Information Edit

©2007 by:
Word Entertainment

Tracks on This Album Edit

1.Song for the Broken3:58
2.I Believe in Love5:15
3.Here's My Life5:36
4.Keep Quiet4:57
5.Million Voices4:08
6.Sweet Revenge3:58
7.One More Round3:39
8.Take My Chances3:20
9.The Guy Song3:05
10.I Don't Regret3:52

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