Things Are Beautiful - Single
Released: February 10th, 2012
Recorded: 2011

BranFlakes Records Main Studio

Genre: Christian Hip-Hop
Length: 7:59
Label: BranFlakes Records

"Things Are Beautiful" is a song by Christian hip-hop artist b-Rabbit. It was released as the first official single off of The b-Rabbit EP. The song samples "Beautiful Things" by Gungor.


"Things Are Beautiful" was the second song b-Rabbit ever wrote after "Born Again". The song was conceived one day after going to his youth group and hearing the song "Beautiful Things" by Gungor for the first time. Rabbit then decided to remix the song. Choosing his own version of the original lyrics and providing brand new lyrics, Rabbit was able to tell the story of seeing the beautiful things in everything you encounter in everyday life.

Track ListEdit

Things Are Beautiful - Single [Digital Download]

  • Both songs written by Brandon Waugh
# Title Producer Length
1 Things Are Beautiful (Single Version) Michael Gungor 3:20
2 Things Are Beautiful (Original Demo) Michael Gungor 4:39

Versions Edit

There are four different versions available of "Things Are Beautiful". The "Album Version" is 4:19 long and is only available on The b-Rabbit EP. The "Single Version" is a condensed version of "Things Are Beautiful" which omits the third verse while the "Original Demo" is the longest version and contains a shorter second verse and a completely different third verse as well as an extended hook. Both versions were available exclusively on Things Are Beautiful - Single. The fourth and final version remains unheard by the public. The "Mixtape Version" is only 2:15 long and was set to be featured on b-Rabbit Presents: The Odds & Ends Mixtape before the mixtape was cancelled.

Theme Edit

"Things Are Beautiful" continues the story first introduced by the intro track on The b-Rabbit EP. In this song, Rabbit describes how, for the first time, he notices how beautiful everything in life truely is. In the third verse of the album version, Rabbit shares a dramatized version of an incident involving a man who Rabbit met and eventually helped give his life to Christ.

Release Edit

The single was originaly released on the popular file sharing site on February 10th, followed by release on the 11th. Both releases were free of charge. b-Rabbit said he intentionally left off the album version of the song from the single to convince people who enjoyed it to get The b-Rabbit EP when it drops on April 4th, 2012.

Music VideoEdit

The official music video was uploaded on April 4th, 2012 on The video is classified as an anime music video because all of the content in the video is taken from various Japanese anime shows.

Credits Edit

Produced By:

Michael Gungor

Executive Producer:

Michael Gungor

Mixed By:

Brandon "b-Rabbit" Waugh

Recorded By:

Brandon "b-Rabbit" Waugh

Recorded At:

BranFlakes Records Main Studios

Mixed At:

BranFlakes Records Main Studios

Mastered By:

Brandon "b-Rabbit" Waugh

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