Christmas With b-Rabbit
No Cover Art
Planned Release: December 2012
Recorded: 2012
Genre: Christmas

Christian Hip-Hop


Length: Unknown
Label: BranFlakes Records

Christmas With b-Rabbit was planned to be the first full length album by Christian hip-hop artist b-Rabbit and was to be his first Christmas record. It was announced in late 2011 along with b-Rabbit Presents: The Odds & Ends Mixtape and was being planned for a release in December of 2012 until both albums were cancelled and replaced with the upcoming untitled studio album, which is currently being planned for a 2013 release.

Concept & CreationEdit

b-Rabbit first started work on the album in December of 2011 when he contacted YouTube celebrity Sandra Bae about using her guitar cover of the song "Little Drummer Boy" as the instrumental for his own cover. After she agreed to feature on the song, Rabbit started work on the record by choosing a track listing and writing original songs while still finishing up The b-Rabbit EP. He kept all major detials about the record tight under wraps until after he announced The b-Rabbit LP for 2013, it was then that he revealed how he was planning a Christmas album until that point.

Track ListEdit


  • Track 5 would have been the first official collaboration for b-Rabbit as he actually talked to and got Sandra Bae to agree to feature on the record.
  • Track 6 would have been a medley containing the songs "The Christmas Song", "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas", "Santa Claus Is Comng To Town", "Winter Wonderland", "Let It Snow", and "White Christmas".
  • Track 7 was to be a cover of the song of the same title by The Waitresses.
  • Tracks 8, 10, and 11 were original songs.
  • Track 9 was to be an original poem reading and would serve as an interlude.
  • Track 10 was to be an original song based off the poem "Christmas This Year<3"
  • Track 12 was to be a poem reading and would serve as an interlude.
# Title
1 Sleigh Ride
2 Carol Of The Bells
3 Carol Of The Bells (A Capella)
4 The 12 Days of Christmas
5 Little Drummer Boy (featuring Sandra Bae)
6 Christmas Carol Medley
7 Christmas Wrapping
8 XM 12.25
9 Christmas This Year<3
10 Christmas This Year
11 All I Want For Christmas (featuring Mariah Carey)
12 The Night Before Christmas


Currently, there are no plans for b-Rabbit to finish work on this album, whether that be releasing the record in its entirety or just a single. He's also abandoned all plans of future Christmas albums.

It has been rumored that b-Rabbit might release "Little Drummer Boy" as a promotional single in 2012 although this is just a rumor.

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