(Stay Awake) Tonight - Single
(Stay Awake) Tonight
Released: March 28th, 2012
Recorded: 2011-2012

BranFlakes Records Main Studio

Genre: Christian Hip-Hop

Political Hip-Hop



Length: 17:38
Label: BranFlakes Records

"(Stay Awake) Tonight" is a song by Christian hip-hop artist b-Rabbit. It served as the second official single off of The b-Rabbit EP. It was released as a digital download on March 28th. The song is considered to be Political Hip-Hop.


"(Stay Awake) Tonight" originated as a 'keep your head up' type song titled "Tonight (You Betta Stay Awake)". An early version of the song was posted on b-Rabbit's personal Facebook page as "Stay Awake (Tonight)" with lyrics that were run-of-the-mill 'don't give up hope' type lyrics. The song went through multiple re-writes since then and the new lyrics tackle a much heavier message.

Track ListEdit

(Stay Awake) Tonight - Single [Digital Download]

  • All songs written by Brandon Waugh
# Title Producer Length
1 (Stay Awake) Tonight (Album Version) Ghaovi Productions 3:59
2 (Stay Awake) Tonight (Dubstep Remix)

KBeatz Production

3 (Stay Awake) Tonight (Instrumental) Ghaovi Productions 3:59
4 (Stay Awake) Tonight (Dubstep Remix) (Instrumental) KBeatz Production 4:51

Theme Edit

"(Stay Awake) Tonight" continues the story of how b-Rabbit's life started to change after giving his life back to Christ. In this song, Rabbit raps about how the United States needs Christ to save their citizens since the country is going through some tough economic times. b-Rabbit also makes references to the Occupy: Wall Street movement, the story of Jonah, the films Simon Birch, and Child's Play. Other references include the War on Terror in the Middle East and Lady Gaga's "Born This Way".

Release Edit

The single was released as a free download on on March 28th, 2012.

Music VideoEdit

The official music video was uploaded on April 4th, 2012 on

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