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Columbia/Fair Trade Services

1st Recording Released In: 1992, 2013
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Audio Adrenaline is a four-piece band.

Current Members Edit

  • Adam Agee: vocals
  • Brandon Bagby: bass, vocals
  • Jack Campbell: drums
  • David Stovall: guitar, vocals

Former Members Edit

  • Mark Stuart: vocals, guitar
  • Tyler Burkum: guitar, vocals
  • Ben Cissel: drums
  • Bob Herdman: keyboards, vocals
  • Jason Walker: keyboards, vocals
  • Dave Ghazarian: guitar
  • Kevin Max: vocals, guitar
  • Josh Engler: vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Will McGinniss: bass
  • Jared Byers: drums
  • Dwayne Larring: guitar





Notable Songs over the Years Edit

AKA Public School
Big House
Don't Censor Me
Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus
I'm Not the King
Walk on Water
New Body
God-Shaped Hole Edit this page

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