Audio Adrenaline-Some Kind of Zombie

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Album Info Edit

Produced By
John Hampton
Executive Producers
Dan R. Brock & Eddie DeGarmo
Mixed By
Skidd Mills
2nd Engineer
Jason Latshaw & Matt Martone
Recorded At
Aredent Studios in Memphis, TN
Shakin' Studios in Franklin, TN
John Falls
Art Director
Kerri McKeehan Stuart
Illustration & Design
Brad Talbott
Guest Vocal
Matt "Mojo" Morginsky in Blitz
Additional Guitar in Flicker
Carlos Pennell
Additional Guitar in Zombie
Barry Blair
String Arrangments in Zombi, God-Shaped Hole, People Like Me, Original Species, and New Body
Carl Marsh
Horns in Blitz
Supertones Superhorns
Tenor Sax
Dave Chevalier
Darren Mettler
Dan Spencer
Additional BGVs in Flicker
Jeanette Sullivan
Some Kind of Zombie Criscoteque Remix Produced By
Scott Humphrey

Assignment in the Group Edit

Mark Stuart
Base, BGV, and Yak Back
Will McGinniss
Guitar, Keyboards, and BGV
Bob Headman
Drums & Percussion
Ben Cissell
Tyler Burkum

Tracks Edit

2.New Body
3.Some Kind of Zombie
4.Original Species
5.People Like Me
9.God-Shaped Hole

Audio Adrenaline/Some Kind of Zombie/Track Table

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