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Credits Edit

Andrew Peterson
Andrew Peterson
Gabe Scott
Associate Scripture
Isiah 60:1-3
Lead Vocals
Andrew Peterson
Background Vocals
Jamie Peterson
Hammerhead Dulcimer
Gabe Scott
12 String Acoustic Guitar
Andrew Peterson
Ken Lewis
Chris McHugh
Electric Guitar
Glenn Rosenstien
Matt Rollings

String Credits Edit

Strings Arranged By
Connie Ellison
Strings Contracted By
Pamela Sixfin

Orchestra Edit

Concert Master
Pamela Sixfin
David Davidson
Christian Teal
Alan Umstead
Lee Larrison
David Angell
Cate Myer
Karen Winkelman
Kristian Wilkinson
Gary Vanosdale
John Catchings
Bob Mason
Craig Nelson

Copyright Information Edit

©2000 by New Spring Publishing

This album is Carried Along System^Link Label^Disc by Andrew PetersonSoloist
Current song: Rise And Shine (Track 9)
Previous Song: Come, Lord Jesus (Track 8)--Next Song: The Ninety And Nine (Track 10)

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