A Q&A with Alan PowellEdit


Fort Myers, FL


There are two people in the world who call me Big Al. I hate it but they've done it forever. Other people hear it and try to call me that as well - I do not approve.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less: Not I but Christ

Favorite Bible verse/passage:

Philippians 1:21 "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain"

Childhood hero?

I was a huge Emmitt Smith fan.

Best advice from Mom or Dad that still is with you today?

"If you do it, it's cool" - really helped me not fall into peer pressure

What do you know now that you wish you knew 5 years ago?

How big Facebook would be

Who do you consider to be your greatest musical influences?

Michael Jackson, Rob Thomas, John Mayer, Michael W. Smith, dc Talk, Top 40

Who did you imitate singing when you were a kid?

Michael Jackson, Michael W. Smith

What artist(s) would you love to collaborate with someday?

Anybody passionate about reaching people and making great music

What is the most embarrassing song or album on your iPod?

Savage Garden - "I Knew I Loved You"

What's the first album you remember buying?

Michael W. Smith - I'll Lead You Home (the one with "Cry For Love")

What is one of your all-time favorite TV shows and why?

Everybody Loves Raymond - hilarious

Favorite movies?

Gladiator, The Dark Knight, Aladdin

Favorite sports teams?

Dallas Cowboys

Beverage of choice?

Apple juice, milk or an Icee

Favorite breakfast cereal(s)?

Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Wheaties

Favorite late-night snack(s)?

Fudge Tracks ice cream, fruit smoothies

Who do you recommend people follow on Twitter:

@juliansmithtv [1][2]

If you weren't in Anthem Lights, what might you be doing?

I was studying to be a New Testament professor.

Biggest strength besides singing or unusual talent?


What's a little-known or fun fact about someone else in Anthem Lights that people should know?

[Kyle] is one of the nicest people you would ever meet but he does not care one bit about animals.

Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?

I am the pickiest eater in the world.

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