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Album Info Edit

Produced By
Brian Tankersley
Executive Producer
Jackie Patillo
Recorded and Mixed By
Brian Tankersley
Mixed At
Shaklin Studios in Franklin, TN
Mastered By
Hank Williams at MasterMix in Nashville, TN

Instrument Credits Edit

Chad Cromwell & Brian Tankersley
Jimmie Lee Sloas & Brian Tankersley
Dale Oliver & Michael Hodge
Tim Akers, Brian Tankersley, and John Andrew Schriener
Mark Douthit
Akai EWI
Mark Douthit

Background Vocal Credits Edit

Vocalists For Most Songs Edit

  • Tina Clark
  • Michael Mellett
  • Guy Penrod
  • Chris Rodriguez
  • Nicol Smith
  • Chris Willis
  • Micah Wilshire

BGV Credits for Beyond Edit

Recorded & Mixed By
Paul Mills at RTC Studio in Franklin, TN
Ron Hemby
Chris Rodriquez
Tina Vallejo

Other Credits Edit

Art Director
Toni Fitzpenn
Joanne Imai & Carrie Yee
Graphic Production Coordinator
Geren Lockhart
Russ Harrington
Stephen Michael at Trumps

Tracks Edit

1.Wait for the Promise
2.We All Need
3.Live That Way
4.After the Rain
6.A Matter of When
7.Photographs of Faith
8.How Could He Love Me More
9.Making My Way to Paradise
10.The Blessing

Aaron Jeoffrey/After the Rain/Track Table

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